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Abbey Road - Ron Campbell

$ 995.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “Abbey Road”

It depicts The Beatles decked out as in the feature film Yellow Submarine which I animated on, working in 1968 with my best friend, the super-talented animator Duane Crowther (RIP). 

Possibly the most significant and unforgettable image of The Beatles is this simple walk across Abbey Road. A careful look reveals Paul is out of step with the others, has lost his shoes, and, horror of horrors!- has a cigarette in his hand. Oh, dear.

Wait. Almost everybody smoked in 1968, even Paul."

Limited edition hand signed fine art giclee. Size is approximately 14" x 21" unframed.  Limited to 195 numbered copies featuring original hand painted signature from Ron Campbell.

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