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All Together Now - Ron Campbell

$ 995.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “All Together Now”

It depicts many of the cartoons shows I helped make over my 50 year career including the Beatles from the Saturday Morning Cartoon series and Yellow Submarine as well as Scooby Doo, Rugrats, Flintstones, Jetsons, Captain Caveman, Smurfs, George of the Jungle, Harlem Globetrotters and the Big Blue Marble. This piece was structured on a computer from a variety of images I previously painted. 

The computer work was done by my friend Scotty C (RIP) so it should be thought of as a work by two artists, myself and Scotty C, who was a talented and very successful graphic design artist responsible for many well-known rock concert posters and album covers."

Limited to 195 copies with hand painted signature from Ron Campbell,  Approximate size 22" x 29"

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