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Smurf Orchestra - Ron Campbell

$ 395.00

Ron Campbell comments, This hand signed giclee open edition art-print is called:- “Smurf Orchestra” 

Looking back on my life I see that the 80’s were spent primarily storyboarding on the Smurfs, a show I adored. It was a gentle sweet show, the kind of children’s entertainment I believed to be ideal for growing minds.

The creator of the Smurfs, Pierre Culliford, signing off as Peyo, was a marvelous Belgian artist much admired all over the world for his Smurf comic books, titled, in his native French language, the Schtrumps. It was my pleasure to work closely with him and the creative Belgian writer Ivan Delporte. Old friends, now departed.

As you can see this piece depicts Papa Smurf atop a mushroom dais, conducting a six piece orchestra with Smurfette playing the diva, surely singing a Puccini aria, hopefully NOT the Smurf theme from the actual show....

Open edition fine art giclee. Hand signed by Ron Campbell.  Approximate size is 7 1/2" x 10"  Very few hand signed copies remain.

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