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Sign of the Horns - Ron Campbell

$ 895.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “The Sign of the Horns”

It depicts The Beatles and the Yellow Submarine, while John is gesturing what has come to be described as the sign of the horns.

This gesture has been the subject of much fun debate -- Ronnie James Dio was long credited for early use of this gesture.  He claimed his Italian grandmother used it to ward off the evil eye. However, Gene Simmons from KISS declared that he was the originator and unsuccessfully tried to trademark it. 

Researching the origin of this symbol it was discovered that the first time the "Sign of the Horns" was used in rock n' roll was the animated cartoon John Lennon who flashed it in the film Yellow Submarine. There are photos from the mid 60s that prove that John had used the gesture well before the making of that film."

Hand signed limited edition giclee. Approximate size is 14" x 21" unframed on hand deckled paper.  Limited to 195 numbered and signed copies.  Includes an original hand painted signature from Ron Campbell.  Very few hand signed copies remain.

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