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Scooby! - Ron Campbell

$ 595.00

Scooby! was the last artwork that Ron Campbell was working on before he passed away in January 2021.  He was almost finished with the painting but never saw its completion.  With the aid of modern technology, the few unpainted sections were filled in with colors that were previously chosen by Ron.  This never-before published artwork is now available for the first time as an estate stamped giclee.

Campbell explains, "In early 1968, while animating on the "Yellow Submarine" feature film, I was also storyboarding episodes of the first season of Scooby Doo.  Later in the mid-seventies, my studio produced the animation for some episodes."  Scooby! shows our beloved canine prancing toward us without a care in the world on a spooky moonlit night.  

Approximate size 14" x 20" unframed.  Limited to 195 numbered pieces with the Campbell estate stamp.

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