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Pepperland (large) - Ron Campbell

$ 2,500.00

This giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “Pepperland”

Ron Campbell explains, "An explosion of Yellow Submarine memories depicted here in this panorama, sending you back to the sheer joy of The Beatles music. This is the ultimate depiction of Pepperland, the musical utopia. The Yellow Submarine animates in left to right focusing, with Jeremy and Glove, on the immortal lyrics “All You Need is LOVE”.  

A Blue Meanie enigmatically licks a rose, Sgt. Pepper looks on, while a multitude of Yellow Submarine creatures and people from the wonderful film swirl around. And, of course, The Beatles are everywhere.

You will never see a piece capturing the atmosphere of Pepperland so completely than this large piece on canvas."

Limited edition canvas giclee. Hand signed. limited to 195 copies.  UV coated, unstretched, approximate size 28" x 48"  Only one hand signed copy remains.

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