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Once Upon a Time....or Maybe Twice - Ron Campbell

$ 895.00

This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “Once Upon a Time....Or Maybe Twice.”

Ron Campbell explains, "The narrator’s opening line in the film Yellow Submarine: Once upon a time ... or maybe twice ... there was an Unearthly Paradise ... called Pepperland ...

The musical utopia of Pepperland is here seen in the Lord Mayor’s Quartet, the dystopian villain Chief Blue Meanie suppressing LOVE and the heroic saviors The Beatles - who late in the film return the dystopia back into the music and love-filled utopia.

Here, in one painting, is the story of the feature film I animated many scenes for in Yellow Submarine."

Limited edition fine art piece.  Hand signed by Campbell on museum quality archival paper.  Limited to 195 numbered copies.  Very few hand signed copies remain.

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