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Hey Jude - Ron Campbell

$ 595.00

This limited edition, estate stamped lifetime print is titled:- “Hey Jude”

Ron Campbell explains, "On the 4 September 1968, The Beatles were filmed performing McCartney’s wonderful composition “Hey Jude”  for promotional purposes.  It aired in England on the David Frost Show and in the USA on the Smothers Brothers show. This piece celebrates that day, that song, depicting The Beatles in their Yellow Submarine style as a gesture toward the feature film in production on that date that I was helping to animate. 

Google Hey Jude Twickenham and you will be led to the 1968 film of The Beatles, arranged as depicted in this piece, playing the haunting song with an incomparable air of youthful joy. 

Music of our youth, by youth, for all time."

Size is approximately 14" x 21" unframed. Limited to 75 numbered copies.  Estate stamped, lifetime print by Ron Campbell.  V

What is a "lifetime print?" Ron Campbell signed and painted his signature on his limited-edition artwork in small quantities as they were sold.  Because of this, after he passed away, some of his limited editions never reached the edition total.  As the signed editions are sold out, the Ron Campbell estate is completing the remaining editions with a special “lifetime print” continuing the numbering from the point that the last signed edition was sold.  These “lifetime prints” have Ron Campbell’s painted signature printed directly onto the giclees with a special lifetime print embossed mark on the front of the artwork.  These will be available in limited quantities until the editions are sold out. All artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

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