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George of the Jungle - Ron Campbell

$ 395.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee open edition art-print is called:- “George of the Jungle” 

As a young man in 1968 I found myself animating George, along with Tom Slick and Super Chicken, mostly at night after animating all day on Yellow Submarine.

The piece depicts the goofball George of the Jungle using Shep as a convenient support. His girl Ursula simply adores George, which clearly is lucky for George, who smiles with cocky confidence.  We animators call it, forgive the French, a s**t-eating grin. Smash into a tree, recover with a s**t-eating grin.

Poor Shep. Either George of the Jungle thinks his elephant is a dog called Shep, or his elephant thinks he’s a dog called Shep. Either way, the elephant’s a dog called Shep... "

Open edition fine art giclee with hand deckled edges.  Approximate size is 7 1/2" x 10".  Hand painted signature from Ron Campbell.  Very few hand signed copies remain.

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