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Butcher Cover - Ron Campbell

$ 995.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “The Butcher Cover”

Yet another incredible, iconic image from The Beatles history - intended as a statement about the Vietnam war yet appalling in its shocking imagery which George Harrison later described as ‘gross’ and ‘stupid’.

But there it is, frantically pulled off the shelves by order of Capitol Records' CEO, Alan Livingston. Any covers still out there are highly valued, coveted by collectors the world over. 

This is my personal interpretation of the famous cover, done in the style of the TV cartoon I directed as a young man in Australia. Gross and stupid no doubt, but here ameliorated by my goofy cartoon style. 

Well, upon reflection, sort of ameliorated..."

Limited edition fine art giclee with hand painted signature from Ron Campbell.  Limited to 75 numbered copies.  Approximate size 19" x 19"

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