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Beatlemania - Ron Campbell

$ 895.00

Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “Beatlemainia”

There was once an entire generation that went INSANE. You know who you were.  

You wanted to kiss The Beatles, to rip the clothes right off their bodies, to smother them with love. This captures the mania, depicting every walk of life in pursuit of The Beatles as they were depicted in the TV show I directed in Australia. 

School girls, housewives, teenagers, little old ladies, Can Can dancers, a love-besotted witch, even a Blue Meanie, a Smurf and Scooby-Doo, all in hot pursuit of the terrified Beatles.

This cockamamie piece tells a truth, and if you were there, you know it..."

Approximate size is 15" x 20" limited to 195 hand painted signatures.  Very few hand signed copies remain!

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