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America Toons In – February 9, 1964 - Ron Campbell

$ 795.00

ONLY ONE UNFRAMED HAND SIGNED COPY STILL AVAILABLE!  Ron Campbell explains, "This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “America Toons In”

If you were young and alive in 1964, you know what this piece is all about. You were part of the 60,710, 000 people who were tuned in to CBS that night, giving the show a 43.7 rating and an 82.6 % share of all the TV’s turned on at the time. 

Who remembers what the remaining 17.4 % of the TV’s were tuned to?

But the 60.71 million who were watching were living through a rare experience, they were watching the unforgettable."

This special hand-signed limited-edition art piece commemorates that day in Beatles history.  Entitled “America Toons In – February 9, 1964” this fine art giclee is limited to 195 copies worldwide.  It measures approximately 14” x 19” with hand deckled edges. 

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