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TV Beatles & Yellow Submarine Beatles Peeking Behind Door (2 pieces) - Ron Campbell

$ 995.00

This hand signed giclee limited edition diptych art-print is titled:- “The Beatles Peeking” (2 pieces of art)

Ron Campbell explains, "A diptych painting solved my problem: how to mix together the TV cartoon Beatles (which I directed episodes produced in Australia) with The Beatles from the Yellow Submarine feature film (which I partly animated).

Based on the opening of the TV show wherein The Beatles pop out from behind an ajar door, bing!-bing!-bing!-bing!, this piece is split into two separate but yet connected images, revealing the two distinctly different Beatles cartoon designs which in their way reveal the actual progression of The Beatles music as it moved from the sweet ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ to the more sophisticated and complex music of their final years.

Can’t decide which you loved best, the TV cartoon Beatles or the Yellow Submarine Beatles? This diptych settles the question for you. Get both!"

A special diptych (two individual art pieces designed to be framed together to create one piece of art) this fine art giclee is limited to 195 numbered copies with Ron Campbell's hand painted signature on each side.  Approximate size 8" x 12" each. Unframed.  Only one unframed hand signed copy remains!

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