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Springsteen on the Streets of Philadelphia - Phil Ceccola

$ 795.00

Phil Ceccola began following Bruce Springsteen when he was still playing small clubs, then took thousands of pictures of him as his career exploded.  One of his photos of a bedraggled Springsteen graced the cover of the Boss’ 1998 compilation album, “Tracks,” and its abridged version “18 Tracks.”  Ceccola used to help drive Bruce around town in the early days. He got to be friends with Bruce and sometimes hang around his house.  Ceccola's are some of the best-known photographs from the beginning of Springsteen's recording career, starting with Bruce’s first gig at the Main Point in 1973,  Sadly, Ceccola passed away in 2003. 

This collection of photographs includes never before published editions of Springsteen including this photo of Bruce holding an apple on the streets of Philadelphia.  Edition size: 25, estates stamped.  16" x 20" unframed giclee.

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