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Guitar Gods - John Entwistle

$ 495.00

Guitar Gods was the last print that completed before his passing. It was to be signed by John on the very day that he died. It depicts the greatest guitar players to come out of the U.K: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend (even though Jimi Hendrix did not come from the U.K., he got his start there.) "Guitar Gods" took three years for John to complete. "Guitar Gods" was a transition of John's style too, moving from the caricature type images to more of an illustrative.

Unframed. Guitar Gods is a serigraph and the size is approximately 29" x 29". John Entwistle's signature is silk screened on the image with John's crest as a chop mark. Edition Size: 250

The Who Who Pete Townshend Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Eric Clapton

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