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Childhood Memories 2 (small size) - Ron Campbell

$ 1,200.00

This hand signed giclee limited edition art-print is titled:- “Childhood Memories 2”

Ron Campbell explains, "An explosion of memories depicted here on this panorama, sending you back to your childhood and the sheer joy of rushing to the TV on Saturday mornings knowing its programming for the moment was devoted just to you.

How many shows from how many different studios are here almost uncountable, but all depicted are shows I was personally involved in making. Even my own show, “The Big Blue Marble” gets a mention, a wonderful show financed by ITT and shown in well over a 100 countries, winning an Emmy for Best Children’s show of 1974 and a George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award for excellence in broadcasting, a rare award for a children’s show.

You will never see a piece capturing your childhood memories so completely than this large piece on canvas available in two different sizes.

Dimensions are 18 1/2" x 32". This piece is available in two different sizes.  This is the small size.  On canvas with special UV coating, ships unstretched. Ideal for a childs' room and anyone that grew up with Saturday Morning Cartoons. Limited to 195 numbered copies, Unsigned

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