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The Jam - Michael Keirstead

$ 95.00

Canadian artist Michael Keirstead used a pen and ink stipple technique, often called pointillism to create The Jam.  Stipple is when small dots, rather than lines or strokes, are grouped together to create shading and form.  The farther apart the dots are, the lighter the tones; the closer together the dots are, the darker the tones.  The technique allows drawings of an almost photographic quality to be executed.  This piece took the artist 5 years to create and features 113 separately drawn classic rock portraits.  The size is 20" x 40" and comes with a "cheat sheet" that reveals all of the musicians featured on the piece.  Each special poster is hand signed by the poster artist Michael Keirstead!  These posters are currently out of print.  The Rock Art Show commissioned Keirstead to print a limited run of these posters exclusively for us.

Canadian customers will have to call (610) 389-1807 to order since on-line sales are limited to U.S.A.  Shipping to Canada will also be an extra charge.

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