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Shagadelic, Santa Monica Beach House, CA 1974 - May Pang

$ 1,400.00

Few people knew John Lennon as intimately as May Pang.  Pang was Lennon’s lover during the infamous “Lost Weekend” which lasted 18 months during late 1973 through 1975.  During this highly creative time for Lennon, Pang took candid photos of Lennon in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

May explains, “John just hanging around on this awful shag rug at our Santa Monica beach house.  This house was built by Louis B Mayer and then owned later by Peter Lawford where his brothers-in-law used to come…John and Robert Kennedy as well as Marilyn Monroe. Giclee, Size 16"x20". Limited edition of 199 prints worldwide. Hand signed and titled by May Pang. MPG017

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