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The Dream is Over..., Disney World, FL December 1974 - May Pang

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Few people knew John Lennon as intimately as May Pang.  Pang was Lennon’s lover during the infamous “Lost Weekend” which lasted 18 months during late 1973 through 1975.  During this highly creative time for Lennon, Pang took candid photos of Lennon in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

May comments, “On December 29, 1974 the documents to dissolve the Beatles were brought to John in Florida by one of Apple’s lawyers.  After pausing, John finally picked up his pen and, in the unlikely backdrop of Disney World, at the Polynesian Village Hotel, officially ended the greatest rock’n’roll band in history by simply scrawling John Lennon at the bottom of the page.”  This is the only photo that exists of this historic occasion and is available as a print for the first time.  Giclee on canvas, unstretched, Size 2’ x 3’ with a limited edition of 99 total prints.  Hand signed and titled by May Pang.  MPG022

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